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Стоматологическая практика
График работы:
ГРАФИК РАБОТЫ С 10.06 ПО 16.06
15.06 - ДЕЖУРНЫЙ ПРИЁМ С 08:00 ДО 14:00
По рабочим дням: с 08-00 до 20-00
Суббота: с 08-00 до 14-00
Воскресение: выходной
601655, Владимирская область,
г. Александров,
ул. Терешковой д.9

Medical assistance to foreign citizens

The State Institution of Health of the Vladimir Region “Alexander Dental Clinic” is a first-level medical organization that provides medical care in accordance with the license LO-33-01-001761 dated 12.25.2014 issued by the Department of Health of the Vladimir Region Administration.

Provides services for adult and pediatric therapeutic admission, surgery and orthopedics.

Every year, new methods of diagnosis and treatment are introduced into the work of the clinic, which makes it possible to provide medical care to the population at a high level.

The clinic provides dental services under the MHI and VHI program, paid medical services are also provided: to uninsured or visiting citizens, in addition to the MHI program, by an extraordinary appointment.

The clinic is headed by the chief physician, orthopedic dentist of the highest qualification category - Mukhanova Irina Vladimirovna.

Medical staff.

  1. Mukhanova Irina Vladimirovna, Head physician, Dentist-orthopedist. The highest qualification category.
  2. Nenadkin Alexey Vladimirovich, Head of the Medical and Surgical Department. Dentist. The first qualification category.
  3. Andreeva Irina Ivanovna, General dentist.
  4. Bazlova Alina Aleksandrovna, General dentist.
  5. Gubanov Matvey Sergeevich. General dentist.
  6. Gulentsova Victoria Eduardovna. General dentist.
  7. Ermakov Alexey Olegovich. General dentist. "Surgical dentistry."
  8. Kulakova Galina Alexandrovna. General dentist.
  9. Nenadkina Zoya Ivanovna. General dentist.
  10. Smirnov Roman Alekseevich. General dentist.
  11. Umerova Daria Radikovna. General dentist. "Surgical dentistry."
  12. Geletko Nadezhda Viktorovna. Dentist.
  13. Ivleva Elena Valentinovna. Dentist. The highest qualification category.
  14. Konkova Julia Alexandrovna. Dentist.
  15. Roshmakova Anna Alekseevna. Dentist.
  16. Stepanova Elena Anatolyevna. Dentist. The first qualification category.
  17. Chudaykina Inessa Evgenievna. Dentist.
  18. Rusakova Anastasia Olegovna. Dentist orthopedist.

The list of paid medical services provided by the state budgetary health institution of the Vladimir region State institution of health of the Vladimir region "Alexander Dental Clinic":

The procedure for the provision of paid medical services is carried out in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 04.10.2012 No. 1006 “On approval of the Rules for the provision of paid medical services by medical organizations”, local regulatory documents in accordance with the institution’s license.

Paid medical services are provided in the paid medical services department by employees outside the main working hours within the institution's work schedule. The patient receives all the necessary package of medical and financial documentation. Payment for the services rendered is made at the cash desk of the institution with the issue of a cash receipt on hand.

In our dental clinic, paid medical services from March 1, 2017 are provided in accordance with the following price list (rus):

601655, Владимирская область, г. Александров, ул. Терешковой д.9

E-mail: stomatology@alexandrov.ru